Dr Scott Salisbury

Dr Scott Salisbury’s state-of-the-art practice allows him to provide thorough infertility care supported by the latest technology.

Highly regarded for his patient rapport and sense of humour, Dr Salisbury takes the time to answer all of his patients’ questions and to ensure that they fully understand their options. He is committed to minimising patient costs in all instances, and goes out of his way to find the cheapest and best treatment options for each individual patient. An extremely accessible and approachable specialist, Dr Salisbury encourages patients to contact him whenever they need him, and welcomes patient calls, even on weekends, in order to provide the highest possible level of care.

Dr Salisbury has recently ceased obstetrics in order to concentrate on infertility alongside other gynaecological aspects of women’s health including menorrhagia, abnormal pap smears, contraception and HRT.

Call 1800 111 483 for an appointment.

Private Room Details

QFG Spring Hill Watkins Medical Centre

3rd Floor 225 Wickham Terrace
Brisbane QLD 4000
Call 1800 111 483