Dr Warren DeAmbrosis

Warren trained in obstetrics and gynaecology, taking a special interest in infertility treatment. Having been involved in IVF since the earliest Australian treatments were performed more than 25 years ago, Warren has since ceased to practice obstetrics and operative gynaecology in order to concentrate on infertility management and office gynaecology.

A founding director of QFG, Warren has had particular success in treating older women wishing to become pregnant, and is also popular among same sex couples. Warren’s word-of-mouth referral rates and his ongoing relationships with his patients testify to the effectiveness of his down-to-earth, relaxed approach and his adaptability to suit patient needs.

Warren turns a difficult situation into as positive an experience as possible, exploring every option for achieving pregnancy.

Call 1800 111 IVF (483) for an appointment.

Private Room Details

QFG Spring Hill Watkins Medical Centre

3rd Floor 225 Wickham Terrace
Brisbane QLD 4000
Call 1800 111 483